Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ttukseom Resort

I have been patiently waiting for my new visa number to be issued so that I can go to Japan. The booking company I want to use for visiting Japan let's you make a reservation two days in advance. Meaning the more I keep waiting the later I will be going to Japan. I am just anxious because I want to be able to visit Japan for 6 days while some how manage to get back to Korea and rest before starting work on Dec. 7th.

In the meantime, I am also finding places to visit here in Seoul to keep me busy. The Ttukseom Resort is nearby my area so I figured why not pay a visit. To get there I took line number 7 and got off at the Ttukseom Resort stop.

I have noticed that for a while they have been building this sleek looking tube. Apparently it is going to be an observation deck and is part of many new developments along the river.

 Coming out of the station you are greeted by the gigantic pillars that support the highway above.

Turning around you see the expansive park.

I don't know what the hangang river park looked like 5 years ago but from what I can tell they have made lots of renovations over the years. This playground looked shiny and new and definitely a step up from typical steal bar equipment.

Nearby was a water park closed for the season. Taking a look I couldn't help but wonder what fun the place would be during the hot summer.

It was foggy out but the weather was still pleasant, as the air seems to be warmer this week. I made my way to the shore of the Han river.
On my way I played with my camera and took macro shots of some of the foliage. However, this wore out my battery and later on it died. I am getting a second battery to combat this in the future.


 I spent the rest of my afternoon under a tree drawing the scenery around me. It was a really peaceful and relaxing moment with the scenery of the city and the Han river melding together in the reflection.

As I am in between the past and the future it felt great to have a moment like this, which helped give me a boost of confidence.

I highly recommend hanging out at the Han river to get some classic park relaxation down. The city has great bustling centers but give your weary city body a treat and visit the Han river. Of course do this before it's too cold for comfort.

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