Saturday, November 7, 2009

In Between Places

Since Thursday I have been staying at my friends house down in Bundang (an area of Gyeonggi-do that is South of Seoul). She had a family emergency and so had to go back to the States for a few weeks. I will only be down here till Monday but I thought I update you guys in case you are wondering what is up with me.

It has been interesting staying at her home because she is a veteran resident here in Korea and has 2 kids and a hubby. The kids are...well...mix-race.

It makes me wonder about the "what-ifs" in life. Like what if I were to have mix-race kids. I wonder which culture they would feel more keen towards. Overall though I feel that if they were raised in Korea their childhood experience would likely contrast the kind of experience I had as a kid. I don't know whether to feel good or bad about this. I am sure they would still be kids exploring the world. I guess it is all something to think about. Yet I don't see myself having kids anytime soon so thank goodness they are just thoughts for now.

Another trade off of staying in this family's house seems that I wake up a little confused. Since they speak English and the house feels well American like I think I have started to feel like I left Korea and am back in America. Of course that blows away when I see stuff around me in Korean. But it is making me a little discombobulated at times.

In school news I sent in my documents at the beginning of last week to be processed. That means in about 10 - 14 days I will be heading off to Japan for my visa run. I am going to stay in Osaka and explore the Kansai area. Sure I could go to China or Thailand I guess but I kind of like the no-jet-lag feeling of going to Japan.

All right well today is Saturday and JH and I are meeting to see a movie and do some shoe shopping. For some reason the shoes I like to buy are a rare find out here but nevertheless I am not going to give up. haha~ darn shoe shopping ;)

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