Monday, November 2, 2009

Living in a Goshiwon the Video

As promised here is my video of living in a Goshiwon. Jason tells me I should be more careful with sharing personal info on the web, and I am sure it is nothing to joke about. After this time I think I will be more careful.

And for those who want to see the shower-hose-holder thing more closely here are the pictures of the product and packaging.
When shopping look for it in Emart or Homeplus (I got it at Emart) in the bathroom stuff section. It is usually located near the model shower hoses.

The funny story about Sunday was that JH was worried someone would steal his shoes near the shoe locker. I had gone ahead and so he didn't have the key to put his shoes in the locker. So he put his shoes atop the area near the locker. When he did so he heard a loud plunk sound, which is the kind of sound a shoe makes when falling to the ground. Apparently, he dropped one of his shoes behind the locker cabinet. It fell all the way down and was out of reach.

What made this especially funny was his reaction. He whimpered and wanted his shoe back really badly. And now he had one shoe so he was perplexed at how to get out of the building. We figured it out that I would drive the car up to get him. Then we would drive to his house and get his second pair of shoes. Next we went to a shoe store nearby (ABC Mart) and he found a nice new shiny pair of shoes. I have to say I think it was fate because the shoe he lost was part of a pair, which was kind of old. I had been mentioning to him to buy new shoes for a while. haha..

Now when we pass by the shoe locker he taps the wooden part and says "My shoe is so lonely."



  1. wow that's pretty small o_o...but at least you have your own bathroom. Can't imagine living there very long though....

  2. Hey, Joy?

    How'd you get that video on YouTube?

    Everytime I try I get stopped by the stupid Korean username ban...


  3. Charles,
    Are you having problems seeing my video or using youtube in general?

    I haven't had your problem. I usually sign through youtube via their worldwide locatin. You can check the location at the bottom of the youtube page, I think.

    I dunno exactly what is yer problem ...

  4. Thanks for the video! Now that I'm going to Korea in January I have to figure out where I can stay for two months ^^ Maybe a place like this would work out ...

  5. Matt if you can stand the camped space it works. You don't have to pay a hefty deposit so it is great. If you want to check out mine maybe I can help you find it when you are here.


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