Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shoes and Lanterns

Vacation time lately feels like I have been sucked into a black hole. The cold air keeps me from wanting to sightsee and on top of that I seem to be thinking too much about life. You could say that I have been doing some soul searching.

I am in between jobs and that is why I have this vacation. As much as I try to relax and focus on the free time my mind tends to stray and think about the future. I will be starting my 3rd job in Korea and making my way through my second year abroad. Homesickness still occurs and sometimes it goes up a level. Nowadays it is more about just seeking a home. Living in the goshiwon is convenient but I wouldn't call it a permanent settlement. It seems that the life of an English teacher is similar to the roaming of a gypsy. Unless you are able to stay at one school for an extended period of time you are left to change locations. In some respects I don't mind this because it gives me the chance to explore a new area and get to know new people.

However, lately I have been feeling somewhere stuck in the middle between my life in Korea and my "home" back in America. If I am to stay here for a long time then I need to consider why and what I will do. Also I believe it is time to take the language seriously out here and help myself to some classes.

Nevertheless soul searching is good for you and I am sure all will be fine.

I did another kind soul searching last week and that was for a new pair of soles. haha

Ahem...well anyways I went shoe shopping last week in Myeongdong and I thought I share the fun I had.

I was relieved to find many shoe stores in Myeongdong with plenty of cute and fun shoes. Of course the problem was making a choice.

I came upon these durable and sporty shoes but knew I needed to look around more.
A shop nearby were selling these fun looking hi-tops that I thought would give me a hip edge. But I wasn't sure on the size or how they would hold up in the rain.

Then I went to a "Landrover" store and found these Clarks, which as you should know I bought. They are really comfortable and fun. I like the style because they sometimes remind me of Elvin shoes like in The Lord of the Rings. Also for some reason wearing red shoes gives me a confidence booster. Myeongdong is a place to find many treasures and also find yourself encapsulated amongst the tall buildings. I went on a weekday and it wasn't as crowded as it would have been on the weekend. Meaning I didn't have to walk through elbows to get around. So if you need to shop and want to do it in Myeongdong then I suggest trying to get out there when you have time off during the week.
Another traveling event that happened last week was that I was in the Jongno Insadong area. First I had a late lunch with JH and then strolled through Insadong towards the Chyeongyechon stream. Here you see lunch was some galbi of beef and pork with rice in a bamboo cup.
The stream was decorated with lanterns as part of the Seoul Lantern Festival to celebrate the "Visit Korea Year". Actually this campaign is a mess because they designated the year as 2010 - 2012, which is two years really.

Anyways, it was interesting to see the set up along the river. I would have stayed to see it all lit up but it was cold and windy out. Maybe next time when I have my new warm coat!

They say it is going to get warmer past Thursday so I will look forward to that. In the meantime I need to get a grip on my thoughts and not worry so much.

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  1. Congrats on the soul (er, uh, Seoul?) searching - every now and then that's nice to do.

    I might have to do a take-off on this post - the life of a gypsy English teacher. In a way we're a lot like nomads, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's definitely not a bad thing to call one area home for awhile, then move on. If you want to put down roots in a given area, that might take some work as a foreigner - but even here it's possible.


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