Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yuldong Park

The answer to my front page photo's source is....drum roll... Yuldong park in Bundang. Ah perhaps, the answer isn't that exciting..haha.

Yesterday I spent the first half spring cleaning and taking out my warmer weather clothing. I didn't finish and found myself wanting to get out. JH had to go down to Gumi (near Gyeongju) for a business trip so I was left on my own.

I knew that the Cherry Blossom Festival was in full swing up in Seoul at Yeoido, but I also knew that it would take over an hour to get there and would be crowded. So I picked a park nearby my area to check out.

To get to Yuldong park I took the yellow line and got off at Seohyun station, exit 2. Then I grabbed a light picnic snack and caught the #33 bus.

Yuldong park has a very large lake (a reservoir) with a lovely view of mountains in the background.
One thing this park is famous for is it's bungee jump platform. 
 I stopped to eat my picnic snack on a nearby bench and enjoyed the scenery. While doing so a group of high - or - middle school girls walked by. As they did so they said, "Hello!" and one seemed brave enough to ask, "Where are you from?" I answered I was from California and they went, "Oooooooooo" while they walked away. It was fun but reminded me how when I go to these special places sometimes I end up being an attraction mixed in with the other sights. Ah well ~ I don't mind helping kids feel more comfortable speaking to foreigners. 

Back to the bungee jumping. It was in full swing with both guys and gals jumping off it. People seemed to like to sit near the area and watch as people jump off, then applaud them. At the bottom was a guy in a boat who collected the jumper. You could tell when some people just couldn't handle it as you watch as they freak out. I know if I go to this park next time with JH he is going to beg me to do it. I will only do it if we can couple jump. But for now I am not sure about it.

Then there were the ducks.
After watching people jump and seeing who was scared and who had fun I turned my attention to the spring flowers in the park. There weren't a whole lot, actually, and I can imagine that the cherry blossoms will show up later this week.
Around this area was a kid's playground and beyond that was the sculpture park. At the sculpture park it was fun to see other people interacting with the works and checking them out.
This is also, of course, where I found my inspiring front page picture.
From then on I rested nearby the bungee jump area and watched a few people go off it. Then I headed to Sunnae for dinner and back home. They say it's going to be a rainy week ahead so I think I will keep these sunny memories in my mind. ~

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  1. So much fun - Yuldong is a fun place :) The bungee jumping looks fun... but not for me... Funny, I don't recall the boobs there at that sculpture park - but good on you for making it part of your blog.


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