Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Hit

I brought the pasta salad in today and it was a hit with the coteachers. Now that I have brought in banana muffins and this dish they see that I am sharing my hobby with them. I even gave some of it to the Vice Principal and the 6th grade teachers today.

I am not really a people person but know this helps me play the game to get the things I want in my EFL Career here. Why not do it with food? I wonder what I will bring in next time?


  1. You know Joy people change...maybe you're becoming a "people person" & it isn't so much a game, rather a way to share about yourself & show kindness; attributes that I'm sure these Korean educators appreciate & wish for their students to learn.

    OK...so what goes into your pasta salad recipe? Sometimes I include little cheese cubes, olives, & turkey salami along w/the usual veges, etc....

  2. oooops I see your recipe is below!


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