Friday, April 23, 2010

Yoga & Lifestyle

At my school they have an activity group for teachers. I chose to do the Yoga class and finally had my first experience of it yesterday. They had met already a few times previously but I ended up not going due to school duties.

About 9 years ago I took a yoga class as one of my first college courses. I really enjoyed it and since then, on occasion, try to brush up on it at home. But I found out quickly, yesterday, just how out of shape I am in.

The yoga class is set inside one of the homeroom classes, where we push all the desks aside. I bought my own yoga mat, a bright pink thing with a swirl of blue on it. I changed out of my jeans and put on my sweatpants (in the bathroom of course).

The yoga instructor looked thin and healthy and very happy. In the class there were about 6 more teachers, all Korean and we got ready for class.

Ambient music was being played in the background as we got started. The instructor taught the class in Korean, but most of what she said were the Korean numbers which I understand. So I wasn't at a complete loss, and I knew that yoga is about breathing. Therefore, I remembered to breath in on one movement and out on the other. She would come up to me as she moved around the classroom and straighten me out now and then.

The moves she did were a variation of what I was familiar with from the past. But she did do a lot of leg exercises. My legs have always been an issue for me, meaning that I can't really lie down and lift my leg all the way in a straight line. It tends to bend inward. I hope that sounds right...haha. My point is that not only am I out of shape but my legs didn't want to cooperate, but I adjusted the movements.

It felt good to take the class, however, now my upper back is in pain and I feel fatigued. Probably worth it since I could use an exercise class in my life.

This brings me to a question, which might have an obvious answer. How should I incorporate an exercise routine into my life?

  • I get home at 5 pm. 
  • I am usually very hungry because school lunch is meager. 
  • I like to cook fresh meals which sometimes take an hour to make.
  • Embarrassing: I typically go to bed between 9 - 9:30. I just get very sleepy and don't push myself to stay awake.
  • There is a gym across from my building, it's a public gym. I haven't been there yet. I have been to gyms in the past but I get really bored just cycling over and over. Also I have a hard time pushing myself.
  • I live near a walking trail that goes around a river. 
The question is, how do I exercise, not starve (pass out), cook dinner and do it all in 4 hours?

My lifestyle so far includes me coming home, making dinner, eating, watching some American drama or doing my art.

I feel that I can't exercise after eating and if I wait a while later that if I exercise before bed I will feel too awake. Really I can't get my head around how to make this work.

Any suggestions would be great.


  1. I have the perfect thing:

  2. What time do you wake up in the morning?

    Seriously, though, exercise is about priorities. You have to make it one. Four hours is plenty of time to work out for 30 minutes.

  3. Yoga should not be done right after eating on full stomach!

    The mornig is probably your best bet. Get up 1/2 hour earlier & do your yoga before breakfast, shower, etc....

    You probably don't remember but I used to do yoga every morning when I woke up before the family got up & getting you guys off to school. It was my most favorite time of the day!
    Just tumble out of bed & do it!

    My yoga in the mornng was replaced w/a walk in the morning before I got ready for work when you were in HS....remember?
    Because I took a yoga class in the evening & we had the pool!

    Sounds like you need more nutrition during the day so you're not so depleted by dinner time.
    More protein probably!
    Hard boiled eggs are easy snacks!

    Now that it's going to be summer soon & it will stay light out longer....take a nice walk at nite after dinner before you lounge/wath tv, etc... before bed.

    Good Luck!
    Oh yeah....less ice-cream, cake, cookies, etc... helps too!

  4. I'm on side with mziriz - you should look at why you are low on energy to get through the day and possibly why you can only stay awake until 9 or 9:30. Think of all you could do with 1 more hour :) . But for time management, what about eating "leftovers" for dinner when you get home from work - ? Then you have more time in the evening. Make your dinner for the next day at 8 or 9 the day before, or even that morning if you get up early enough. Maybe?? I've found that works for me. Even better if you can exercise before eating (on your way home, etc), then eat, then cook/relax until morning. I wish you luck in figuring out a routine!!

  5. Thanks ~ I do walk 30 min before I get home because my house if far from work. Those suggestions about dinner are a good start.

  6. Hi, just stumbled across your blog! I had the same work schedule and lifestyle as you last year. I rode my bike (maybe get a bike to get to and from work)to the gym straight after school. Even if I was tired I made myself go...I did a program (C25k, google it if you're not familiar). After 10 mins of exercise I perked up and felt good and de-stressed from my day. After I took a shower and went home and made and ate dinner by 7pm. No prob bob! Like someone said, you have to make it a priority.

    If you're that hungry in the afternoon bring a snack to work, if you don't want to eat it in the office (i know, koreans are all about sharing) eat it on your walk home, a piece of fruit will perk you up but not weigh you down.


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