Sunday, April 4, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Saturday I visited my friend in the hospital, in Seoul. Why? Because she got hit by a taxi a few weeks ago. Therefore I want to take a little time here to give a public announcement and that is to try your best not to get hit by a car here in Korea.

Of course my friend didn't mean to get hit and was just crossing the crosswalk as usual that day. But, as you know, Korean drivers (most of them) don't really mind pedestrians. Unfortunately, the taxi did not stop and ran off. The consequences of this means that she wasn't able to work for a few weeks. This lead to her private school to give her excuses as to why they are letting her go. Again I would like to make another announcement:

If you work for a large franchise private school and they give you the speech "Give us notice if you are least three days before hand" don't be surprised if they try to apply the same thing towards accidental injuries such as getting hit by a taxi. They told her the same thing and even said it to her colleagues at a meeting during the time of her incident. Only one person at her school had the guts to counteract the schools logic...that it doesn't make sense to give notice when it is impossible to know when you will have an accident.

Anyways, she is doing well and found work at a new school. Her story is just one of probably many that occur here in Korea where our employer breaks labor laws all in the name of "saving" the company.

She has been a great trooper throughout this and shows no hard feelings towards Korea itself.  So I wish her the best of luck at her new job and I hope it is better and more enriching than the last one.


  1. Ouch, that sucks! From everything I hear, most of the time the policy of Korean schools towards being sick or injured leaves a lot to be desired. I really wish they would be more reasonable about that.

  2. Is she a fighting type? That sort of thing will continue to happen as long as no one challenges it to stop or knows it happened....

  3. Yep she is a fighter! And going to report it to the labor board as soon as she settles into her new place.


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