Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Getting home at 5pm for some would mean the daunting realization that you have a lot of time to yourself. I love it, however!

I turn on my live jazz from San Francisco and cook dinner. Yesterday JH came over and he is coming over again tonight...:) He gets a tofu stir fry for dinner.

Wow do I feel domesticated.


  1. I'm starting to enjoy my alone time at home. I put on my music and just relax with me, myself ,and I. Not going to take it for granted!

  2. Definitely! I know if my life keeps going in the direction it is going that I will look back and miss my alone time.

  3. hmmmmm......is that comment leading
    up to an announcement of sorts?

  4. No just Korean people like to bother you about that stuff when you are my age. It is really annoying and invasive...ah well.

  5. HUH? Something doesn't match up w/your last reply & statement about direction your life is goin?!

  6. Mom the post was to talk about how I enjoy the time to myself at home and how that contrasts with what my future might be like. Since I am dating a Korean and almost 30 Korean people tend to ask me whether I am going to marry him or not. In fact they ask this even if they meet me the first time. It feels invasive but it is part of their culture...to be curious about this. I for one don't know when I will marry or if I will.

    The conversation comes up with JH but we both know that it is a big life changer. He for one has certain goals he needs to meet. SInce I get the question a lot from Korean folks I am sure he gets it more than me.

    When we are together I try to focus on the now so that things don't get all muddled.


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