Friday, April 16, 2010

One Week Without Drama

Here I am writing to celebrate that this week at work was, thank goodness, drama free. I either managed to stay in the neutral zone, wasn't on the radar or actually lived up to my coteachers standards.

Well a few things I think helped me have a successful week at work. For one I got a portable microphone. I wear it around my shoulder and speak into a mic. The kids were a little giggly when I first showed up with it, but then as it helped me speak louder they got use to it. I like it because I don't have to worry about straining my voice to speak loudly over the class. I can speak up with confidence and be a little wild too. My coteachers were impressed with my new shiny tool.

Another factor may be that the other coteacher, Mrs. W, that I teach with once a week praised me openly about my teaching. She said I was fun and lively and the game I brought into the class was really good. (I made roleplay cards for the students.)

Lastly, Mrs.K seems very preoccupied with her second occupation in life, that as a student. She is learning how to teach Korean to foreigners at a university. This week she has been studying and writing a report for her class. So my guess is her focus turned to that and with my new enthusiasm in the classroom she was able to float by with less English teaching stress.

Well the week isn't exactly over yet, as we have been invited to a school dinner tonight. Yes, of course, I will nod and smile and eat what is put in front of me. I don't mind these dinners as you get a free meal and lately the school chooses really good food.

Spring is, and I hope, finally here. A few days ago there were flurries of snowflakes and chilly air. A lot of people are shocked by this but I have basically given up on relying on "four seasons" and figure that every now and then there is a year that just freaks out, weather wise.

Outside of work life I have been planning my summer vacation, buying tickets and checking the budget. This time I plan on flying to California and Florida so my two weeks of time off are going to be crowded. However, I feel I am ready for a break from Korea and to see familiar faces and places.

Alright, I wish everyone a swell weekend. ~


  1. Congrats on a drama-free week. And I hope the mic helps.

  2. NeatO!
    Hip Hip Horaaaaaa!
    Progess....Perserverance Furthers(ed)!
    xxxx oooo


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