Saturday, April 17, 2010

Science Day

Shame on you if science is not an interest of yours. Ah, I'm kidding. But I do like Science even if the highest math class I took was statistics. As you know I have a thing for geology but I have always been fascinated with other subjects in science.

Last week, on Wednesday, it was Science Day at school rendering us class free. I walked around the school catching photos of what the kiddos were doing. It seemed I caught the tail end as most of them were playing or making something.

There was the usual rocket launching taking place outside on the school yard.
(Oooo someone needed an extra hour of sleep....kid on the right)
Although 6th grade can be tough to teach I really find the student-teacher-relationship rewarding.
They were busy making science posters...for I am guessing a poster contest.

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