Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo-Explore: Gwanghwamun Area

After seeing the Steve McCurry exhibit one couldn't help but feel like taking some photos of their own. I was left to myself after we got out of the show and made my way back to Anguk to meet up with JH. On the way I pointed my camera trying to capture the life around me.
Above: Something familiar. Below: Small patches of flowers were laid out along the edge of the grassy field. This space in Seoul goes through a lot of transitions and I wonder what they are going to put in next. For now, it's pretty flowers and grass you can't walk on.
For some reason I became interested in a floor-level point-of-view.
Above: I have to say a little speech here about photography. That is once you get into it the ordinary gets on your radar and you want to take a picture of it.


  1. Interesting!
    Didn't realize such tall mountains were right up against the city.

    The spring flowers were lovely!
    Tulips.....nice...they don't grow in FL so I miss them along w/other spring flowers.
    Spring is like that in northern climes....warm & cool days intermingled...ya never know!!
    But the trend is upward (warmward = Mz. Momz' new word)!


  2. Maybe it's silly, but I really like that very last pic of the construction barrier and the cone. Well-cropped, I must say!


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