Monday, April 12, 2010

2S2 Seoul ~ April Gathering

I attended the 2S2 Seoul gathering last Saturday. We had the option of going off to donate blood or attend the Steve McCurry exhibit (famous photographer).

First we met at the Twosome Cafe. Not a whole lot of people showed up, indeed I would say it was rather a truly small gathering. I really hope things can pick up more in the future, and I am sure they will.

Anyways we talked over tea and coffee, and then discussed about the blood donation. Roboseyo handed out a questionnaire used for Non-Korean donors to check off to make sure they can donate. After checking through it I realized I am not a good potential donor. For several reasons, but mostly because of my disease and the medication I take for it. I don't even know my blood type so I was hoping to go along and get that figured out. But decided to go to the photo exhibit instead.

You might be wondering why I didn't make a 2S2 event in my area, like I have been working on. Well, to tell you the truth I am at odds with the people in my area. I started the facebook group to get to see who would like to come. But things are still fuzzy. I told the group I would be busy this Saturday and so another guy picked up the chance and offered a trip to Everland, but alas he had no takers. Maybe I will put something together for next month since it will be warmer (oh wait I just remembered I have a plan with JH). Hmmmm

Anyways back to this Saturday.
Walking with Rob is a lot of fun, due to his silly antics and also random facts about the area.
He was a little peeved with the "Bicycle Only " lane being used by speeding cars and motorcyclists, so he took a picture. We all agreed that if you were a bicyclist and took that lane that it would be more risky than just riding in the street.

This area of Seoul (Jongno/Gwanghwamun) brings me back to a lot of memories throughout my time here in Korea. It was a familiar spot I went to with my ex-boyfriend and also the first palace I saw a Korean palace.
Their still working on getting that gate fixed.
We arrived at the ticketing office for the Sejong Art Center and said our goodbyes to the party that was going off for blood donation.
Inside there were many people attending the exhibit.
Photos were strictly prohibited inside so all I got are memories. The exhibit was full of large scale color photography from his collection. It felt like I was walking through a National Geographic magazine, complete with the glossy-page feel. Seeing his photos up close and on a large scale you can tell this man has got the skills. He uses composition and framing in just the right way to help you know who is the subject of the photo. I would say, though, that his photos seem to exotize Asian culture. However, the show really was a head-banger as you can't help but feel so inferior to all the places he has traveled.

I would recommend seeing this show because it could really help you pick up some photographic skills and ideas. 

This 2S2 was a bit calmer than I would have preferred but any time spent with good friends is good enough for me. ;)


  1. LOL..

    it was a bloodletting!

    He needs to rethink his brilliant marketing plan. What's next an auto da fe?

    Just sayin!

  2. Please explain the wreaths (?) memorial (?) in the last foto.... interesting sight seeing post fotos!
    I'd love to see that show too.
    And I need to look up "exotize" ???

    Charles...."auto da fe"??

  3. "exotize" not in the English dictionary I consulted...???

    What were u tryng to say?
    Other word?

  4. Yes I know Mom but I left that word in there.

    The flowers are a congratulatory offering from major people who supported the gallery.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You might want to catch National Geograhic "Explorer" this coming Monday (April 19th) as the Afghan girl (now a woman 25 years later) in that famous photo will be featured.

    They will also "explore" how a top secret government project led to the Titanic being found.

    I tried embedding the previews here, but the South Korean internet keeps redirecting them to daum instead. Right now, on the front page of you can find the previews as number 2 (out of five) in the rotating stories at the top of the page.


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