Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Good Memory From Friday's Classes


That is my good memory. It was suggested to me, personally from another blogger, that I write about the successes from work instead of the "troubles." And I do agree with him. ;) thank you

So that is why I am going to write, briefly here, my account of a great moment in the classroom that I can use in the future to focus on what works for the students.

If you teach public school in Korea you would know that the book and CD they give to you is very dry and outdated. Yet, to complain that the materials are crap and that is why it is so hard to teach would be backwards. I know well that a teacher has to make due with their materials and not only add supplementary materials but make the original ones exciting and useful as much as possible.

During my second period 6th-grade class Friday I was doing the writing section of the book. How I do it is I put up the CD version on the TV and tell them to write the sentences in their books. Usually these are just 2 very basic sentences that require the student to write it just one time. Then as I notice they are finished I click the CD sentence and the computer reads it in that very monotone voice and then you see on the screen the computer writing the sentence. However, it writes very slowly. The students took up on this and as the sentence was being written out slowly they said the sentence slowly. First a few students were doing it then a few more caught on, and I went with it. I too spoke the sentence in that slow-motion kind of way.

"Iiiiiii lllllliiiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeee ssppppprrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg." 

The class was laughing and truly tickled by this at the end. I was pleased too because from a language perspective they were practicing their phonics and pronunciation. I took this experience into the next class (each class gets the same lesson) and they too had a lot of fun. It was a moment which I knew I was having fun with the kids and also helping them practice English at the same time. I really have no way of knowing whether my coteacher found it too absurd or just what she is looking for, but I think I shouldn't worry about her opinion of me. I believe if it was something she truly found obscene she would say something.

Anyways I have a lot to think about this weekend and need to mentally get myself in the right spot for this job.


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  1. That's cool that your class got a laugh out of that! That's one thing I'm going to have to learn how to do, how to have fun with the students so that lessons aren't so dry and boring. I'll be starting my job hunt for teaching ESL in Korea soon!


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