Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friends and Fun

Last Saturday I headed to Seohyun (Bundang) to meet up with my long time friend here in Korea to frolic around.

On the way I got some lemonade at Krispy Kreme and admired their straws.
We browsed around looking for a new pair of shoes for one of her sons. Then headed towards a nearby park for a kids event.

The cherry blossom petals were blowing about and making the ground look like it had snowed.
It was a gorgeous day, unlike today which has been cold and rainy. The temperature got hot enough to make my face feel burned. Most of all it was just nice to see spring in full bloom everywhere.
The kids event was an artistic one with a drawing contest. If you had kids then you got a free goody bag complete with water bottle, banana and sitting mat. There was a bounce house and even clowns.
Then it was time to catch up with JH for lunch. Certainly this was a fine spring day with friends and good weather. :)

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  1. I tried to post this earlier but my internet was being goofy. Anyway, I am quite fond of the top photo of this post, where you've juxtaposed the most unpleasant evidence of civilization, the road grating, with the pinnacle of nature's beauty. Good eye!


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