Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open Class Tomorrow

Looks like this is my third post today. Had the day to myself since JH was under the weather.

Tomorrow is back to work time and I have my first open class at this school. It is for the Principal's to watch and evaluate.

I wasn't nervous about it until now, which means I guess I am realizing that it is really going to happen. But I am also confident and know that if I just try my best that it will be okay. I teach 6th and 4th grade tomorrow but requested that they come in during the 4th grader's class.

We will be starting Lesson 3, which is a new lesson in the book from previous years but still a pretty straightforward thing. On Friday, last week, my co-teacher suggested that we practice it out in someone's classroom. I was a little hesitant at first but went along with it, which turned out to be a good idea. I didn't really protest the idea just told her that it wasn't necessary if she didn't have the time.

I have been making the lesson plans 100% and then usually give them to my coteachers and talk about it with them and then we visit the classes. Usually my lesson plans have a lot to do in them since I like to have extra stuff just in case we run out of time. But I am also very detailed.

For example there is the "Look & Listen" part, which involves watching a cartoon on the TV and listening to a dialog. This is how I like to do this part of the class (including the prelude to the lesson):
  • Give a little roleplay first of the main dialog in the lesson with the coteacher. (During our practice session we realized that instead of acting like other people we could use puppets.)
  • Give out the lesson paper. This includes the written dialog of all the parts in the lesson and new words. After handing it out, I like to read the new words with the Ss (students).
  • Turn to the "Look & Listen" page in the book. The book basically has just pictures in it with few text. So before listening to the dialog I like to get them thinking about what it will be like. So I ask questions about the picture.
  • Listen and Look at the TV
  • Ask questions about what they heard.
  • Listen & Repeat (there is a section of this on the CD)
  • Practice the Dialog with the teacher. We look at the lesson paper and practice parts. "You are the first person, and I am the second person." Then girls and boys take parts, and then they practice with their partner. Lastly, if there is enough time, we have a few partners come up and role-play the dialog in front of the class. 
That whole bit right there probably takes 15 - 18 minutes of classtime. Leaving roughly 20 minutes left. After the dialog practice there is game time. The book has it's own games which involve cut out cards from the back. My coteacher likes to do these games before I give out a supplemental game I found online or do a PPT game on the TV.

Usually when playing a game I first go over the target sentences on the cards or whatever they are using. Then I explain the rules and my coteacher explains it in Korean. Next we let the kids play.

The last part of class is of course review time which can be done with flashcards, PPT or a song/video.

I am pretty much set on knowing the content and what to say tomorrow it is just that I have to pump it up a bit with my execution. Need to make sure I am loud, cheerful, talking slowly, smiling and engaging the whole class.

At our practice session I actually practiced all that to a classroom of no children just to show my coteacher that I get how it should be and what I should do. At the end of it she seemed very proud of me and could tell I was ready.

You might be wondering what is so stressing about the open class? The reality is that my Principal's likely have no real training in what English teaching should be taught like. But they have their ideals and they did hire me. So they probably want to see if I am doing a good job. I know for sure that no matter what happens tomorrow it will be their job to find something to nit-pick about, and I am okay with that.

So I am going to keep up my optimism and also tell myself that a little evaluation would be helpful. :)

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  1. Good luck with your observation. I've had many myself and they are seldom pleasant in their lead up. I'm sure you'll do well!


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