Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cheonan Memorial

Today is the memorial for the 46 sailors who lost their lives when their ship sank due to an explosion. They are still determining why but of course it is speculated that it was North Korea.

At work today around 10am the school played the live broadcast of the memorial when they were doing the moment-of-silence part. I was in my 4th grade class and they properly stood up and bowed their heads. Although a few snickered and made remarks when the Korean President came on screen. Altogether they were well behaved and seem to recognize what was going on.

Tomorrow is our open class, again, this time with the parents as spectators. Since Monday I have been coughing and last night it kept me up now and then. Today my chest felt heavy and I was still coughing. My face showed this when I came in to work and I was promptly asked about my health. I politely said I didn't feel good. Then a few moments later requested to see a doctor after my classes. They understood and asked if I could teach my classes, and I said that is no problem. I coughed around the office and showed my pale face, which was convincing enough to get a half-sick day. I told them that I didn't want to be coughing in front of the parents so really want to get better.

I finished classes and went to the doctor. I came home and put in some laundry then settled down in front of the TV.

As it turns out the memorial was still going on and nearly every channel is broadcasting it. They really don't spare anything. They laid out pictures of the dead sailors and the families came up and gave their respects. You can see close ups of their mourning. Later on they carried the urns to a mass grave area and the families came up and with their hands put in the dirt.

It is really sad and tragic and also hits home on how much Korea has suffered and continue to do so.

My condolences to the families affected by this tragedy. Your pain and loss is mine too as I share this country with you.

*For an interesting analysis on this situation check out BBC's article.

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  1. Interesting & sad situation.
    Recently I watched the funeral for the coal miners killed in W. Virginia & the ceremony w/each family walking forward to place a miner's hat on a cross representing their loved one.
    President Obama gave the eulogy.

    NOW....we have this horrendous oil spill still gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico & hitting the shores of Louisana, Mississippi & Florida now. Hundreds & hundreds o species are affected...even the migratory birds flying through now in the Sping on their way north. The wind is blowing it all in that direction.
    SO hopefully Obama will not want to drill offshore near Florida & other US coastlines. We need to develop other forms of CLEAN energy & the infrastructure to deliver it.


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