Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If you give your coteachers a piece of candy before you leave for the day, will the sweet taste in their mouth leave a sweet memory in their mind of you?



  1. .... hehehe... love this!... a test should be done... ^-^

  2. Yeah..probably a sweet memory of you giving them a piece of candy...anything else???

  3. Leaving on a positive note might level up their opinion. But I don't want to bribe them into liking me...rather just leave good memories.

  4. Collaboration and consideration will render good memories.

  5. Unless it's insanely expensive and exotic candy the following will happen....

    1. If they already like, it won't make a difference, and they'll simply say thanks.

    2. If they don't like you, or you've been having problems with them, they'll likely see it as a kind of insult cause you're their 'junior' and only 'seniors' give out candy to 'juniors' thus you insult them by acting inappropriately according to age and gender norms (yeah, cause you're not just a junior cause of your age but also cause you're an unmarried female)...

    3. Varies by personality...

    I donno...I gave co-teachers fairly expensive decorated tins of American gourmet cookies for Xmas last year and some of them gave me a look as if to say why are you giving me cookies--I'm too old for this.

    I donno .... what do you think?

  6. How about a beautiful bunch of fresh spring flowers to brighten up your teacher work room for all to enJOY!

    I see there's alot of cultural stuff to take into consideration.
    Is there a crash course handbook for Americans?!!


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