Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yes those are breasts at the top of my blog. Ah - hem.

If you can guess where I went today and found this beauty of a sculpture then I will give you...good old fashioned brownie points!

Before I put up my post revealing the answer let me first run you through a few spring photos I took on my way to work last week.

Now the cherry blossoms are out and one can't help but smile seeing their beauty.


  1. LOL! Yeah I def stopped and had to look twice at the top of your blog lol.. I was like.. wait.. are those breasts?? lol.. let me guess, Jeju?? Well everyone took cherry blossom pics today and I stayed inside and slept (shame on me) I need to get some pictures tomorrow!

  2. And some very nice breasts they are... Sorry, straight guy here, hard not to admire... No idea on where to find them - but I look forward to learning the answer :)

  3. Rather provocative.....could it be a metaphor: white woman Foreigner made of stone - - Naked amidst the crowd!?

    On a more down to earth note: your photos are beautiful - Thank you! Nice to see you enjoying your new camera & the great out of doors!

  4. Yes Mom~ Because~ ! When people stare at me I feel naked...

    but the way the statue looks up to the sky it makes me feel proud to be who I am~

    It's going to be rainy next week but hopefully next weekend will be nice.


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