Saturday, February 27, 2010

Japan's "Charisma Man" Comic

This video talks about a comic book that illustrates the Western man in Japan. The video narrator talks about how the comic portrays the Westerner as a geek back home on his "planet" in Canada but in Japan they are superstars. I don't know if this comic is genuine satire that portrays the Western man as a wholesome person or shows them in the stereotypical "yellow fever" way. Certainly something a few blogs out here could analyze.

Sounds familiar? YES!


  1. "Sounds familiar? YES!"

    lol, run into a lot of Western guys with "yellow fever" there?

  2. Hmm actually most of the western men I have met here don't seem to have that "I'm a superstar glow". But this could be because I don't hang out at clubs and bars. But I am sure the image might exist ..

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  4. I am a western guy living in Japan. I like to think of myself as fairly popular with the ladies in any country that I am in, home included.

    However, Charisma man is a total myth. I almost NEVER see western men with attractive Japanese girls.

    I wish, wish, wish the video is true, but i actually think its harder to get an attractive girl in Japan than at home.

    Most Western men are really just cleaning up with the girls who are not winning popularity contests with Japanese men.

    Anyone can get lots of notches on their belt with unattractive women...don t need to go across the globe for that

  5. Kyoto Kid...thanks for putting in your perspective. Good to know. I think the same is true out here. However Korean media does stigmatize western men as Korean Girl Hungry and it ends up very demoralizing. Korean parents end up thinking their English teachers are this way and really they shouldn't. OUt here it is kind of a big problem.

  6. Foreigners need more of a voice in Korea. The blogs and occasional op-eds in Korean (English) newspapers are a start, as some Koreans read those I presume. But there are a lot of nasty stereotypes about us out there, unfortunately it's extremely difficult for us to launch campaigns against negative stereotypes in Korea.

  7. I highly agree with you Mo. That is why it is my dream that expats take on the initiative and get involved in their community. But it is hard since the resources are limited by language barriers. If enough people started doing volunteer work than perhaps it would get mainstream media press.

    The possibilities are endless, if you think of ways to make our image positive amongst Koreans.

    One first step is to perhaps be a courteous person in public.

  8. This is an interesting discussion, and video. When I was teaching in Korea, I noticed that the Korean girls who went to foreigner bars were more likely to date foreigners than say the typical Korean girl. I say typical Korean girl because I didn't think that the girls in those bars tended to be the norm. I could have been wrong though I was only there for a short time.

    Then again, I'm also a Filipino American male who was just another Asian blinding in with the population. The only thing setting me aside was my language.

    Aside from that the girls didn't ever pay me mind, not in Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia... not that I'm complaining though. I'm happily dating a westerner girl. Does that put me up in the ranks of an Asian infatuated with westerners???? **queue dramatic music** dun dun dun

  9. Hey Jonathan that is quite an interesting spin on things. For sure there gotta be the Korean girls and Korean guys who have hmmm "White fever" although you aren't ...ahem ...white.


    Basically we could call it "foreigner / other race fever".

    What I think most of us need to do is take that "fever" and turn into a meaningful relationship instead of just a one-night stand from a bar pick up.

    That is what I am trying to do with my bf...because well we both are curious about dating the other race...but want to extend that into something long time. ;)

  10. I like to call it the "exotic bonus," you see the exotic bonus everywhere, as the video mentioned. Do European guys in Canada have a hard time with dating? I highly doubt it.

  11. @Mo re: I like to call it the "exotic bonus"

    Very true. In America,it happens with Brits and Aussies, and it's all about accent - and the funny part is it doesn't matter which variety of accent, as a lot of people (girls and guys) think someone with East-end Cockney speech or downunder thunder is exactly as "sophisticated" and sexy as a Londoner with the RSA they got from school in Eton and Cambridge.

    Who am I to judge? I once went crazy over a Brazilian girl who looked like Julie Delphy and talked like Astrid Gilberto ...

    @Joy re: Korean media does stigmatize western men as Korean Girl Hungry

    It happens, but I don't see as much objections from Koreans especially these days about real relationships - it's mostly when they see what looks to them as someone taking advantage of the girl, especially when people are drinking. But then, most of the people I hang out with are married to Koreans or in serious relationships, and I don't hang out in bars as much these days so maybe my perception is not the same as others.

    Jonathan is right, though: there ARE some young Korean ladies who just think it would be fun to have a fling with a foreigner, something wicked and naughty to do that they could never ever tell their parents about - it has even been known to happen for a foreign guy to get his heart broken when he realizes how little that particular girl really cared ... but Korean Media doesn't want to know about that, and maybe Korean people don't either.

  12. Jon ~ I see your point. I don't hang out in bars either and the Western guys I know don't seem to fit this genre. However some Korean folks I have met at work and elsewhere seem to think Western men are just here for the women and are predator like. I always correct them. I do feel that expat bloggers out there tend to sensationalize this issue and maybe take things too far.

    We do need to consider that Korean people are capable of thinking for themselves despite what they see or hear in the media.


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