Monday, February 22, 2010


A quick update here before I go off to dinner with my school. Today I woke up very tired and stressed out from a bad night's sleep.

At school I sat around until we were called in to the teacher's meeting. They introduced the new teachers at the school.

It was kind of strange but they weren't telling us right out about are new coteachers. The secret was that they were seating near me and I had to figure out who they were. What a surreal feeling! I was so anxious to know the truth and this felt like they were toying with me.

In the end though it all worked out. The coteacher I didn't mix well with is moving on to be a first grade home room teacher, and the "Ms. Y" teacher is moving on too. Our new coteachers are familiar ones from the 6th grade department. One is a young man and the other a young woman. They seem excited and interested in teaching English and having fun. What a relief!

Although there is a catch. The man teacher will be off this semester going back to college. So we are going to have a random coteacher show up next week. Who knows who it will be!!

Heck, I guess it doesn't matter since I can count on the coteacher I didn't get along with leaving the English department.

We all sat down and had a talk about how to teach the classes. My now old coteacher gave the usual speech and stern talking. But asked us what our ideas were. I gave some clear and useful suggestions. Anyways, I am going to make my lesson plans very detailed so that when we review them it is clear what I want and what can be changed around.

As for my schedule that has changed too. I was teaching 2nd graders and now won't be at all. Just 4th and 6th graders but also teaching the school teachers.

This means a lighter schedule but also that I won't be getting overtime. I kind of painted myself into this since I complained at the beginning about teaching 2nd graders. But I didn't figure it would mean a cutback in hours. Ah well!! Guess I could take up tutoring. ;)

Well time to go! I feel I can rest better now knowing things have changed and in a direction I was hoping for.

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