Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sometimes Change is a Good Thing

Today starts the new semester at Korean public schools. New foreign teachers are arriving and gearing up for orientation. While the seasonal teachers are preparing their classrooms and polishing their lesson plans.

As you know, I was nervous about this change, since it meant that we were getting new coteachers.

Although a lot has changed within the English department, I am truly relieved and pleased with it all.

There are now 3 coteachers, all of which are women. One of the coteachers I will not be teaching with but she is acting as the organizer of the English department.

The other two, who I will be teaching with, are really nice and easy going. Already I went over my lesson plan for the first period and they stressed how much they want to make sure the Native Teacher (myself) is in front of the classroom and in control of the lesson. No more English puppetry!  Woah! Actually makes me a little nervous to know it is all on me now. haha (I am going to invest in a portable microphone so not to stress my voice.)

Knowing that my new coteachers are completely different from the last is a big relief. We can start off on the right foot and get the ball rolling on fun English lessons.

Teacher's Room:
We still don't have our own English classroom. We all sit inside a large horizontal space with a window at one end and a door at the other. We go from class to class carrying our supplies with us. For sure things have become more crowded in the teacher's room, but thankfully with friendly people. We were lacking enough shelf space so today we got brand new bookshelves, and moved a lot of stuff around and filled them up.

The wall's are bare of any decorations and I was thinking of finding some nice posters or pictures to put up.

Thankfully, the atmosphere is warm and friendly this new semester in the Teacher's Room.

Tomorrow we will start actually teaching and so I will be able to say whether or not that aspect of the job is better. But I have my hopes up and feel so much less stressed out.

For those other folks out there starting their new semesters I hope things are going well for you too.


  1. Good luck Joy, keep up the positive attitude and it will continue to rub off on your co-teachers!!!

  2. Nice to hear a good report - Keep it up! You've come a long way baby!!! I'm SO proud of you.


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