Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Make?

I bought this package of Organic Korean Pancake Mix at Emart. I bet I could fiddle through my knowledge of Korean and sort out the directions, but I thought I give you guys a shot at it. It looks pretty simple and I have the extra ingredients like the green onions already.

Here are the pictures:

I really just need to know how much oil or water to add to how much mix. I can cook the rest from there. I don't plan on making this till tomorrow, for its chicken and potatoes tonight. 


  1. wow that looks great! pretty simple i think.... you only need to add water :-)

    100g of mix to 150 ml of water for 1-2 people... but this doesn't really matter, what matters is the ratio... so...

    1:1.5 for 1-2 people
    2:3 for 2-4 people
    5:8 for 5-10 people

    what kind of measuring equipment do you have?

    you can adapt anything (even just a coffee cup) to fit these ratios. ^_^

    p.s. thanks for adding me to your blog!!!!

    -kimchi critic

  2. Basically the same as what Amy said except it says 100g/150ml makes enough for 1 person (or 2 panckaes) and so on (so 500g/800ml makes 10 pancakes or enough for 5 people).

    It also says that the small paper coffee cups are around 100g when filled with the powder and that a normal ceramic cup is 150ml when 3/4 full (or 200ml total).

    The exact measurements aren't really important however, the important thing is the batter consistency. If you get that right it's be fine.

  3. What should the batter consistency look like?

  4. awww shit! i was close! hahaha

  5. ha ha!
    Not too thick not too runny!
    Just nice.


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