Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh yea, It Snowed Awhile Back

It's very much old news by now and I am sure most of it has melted. For last month Seoul and many parts of Korea experienced the heaviest snowfall since old Grandma's could remember.

It was a stunning sight and so I went out and took pictures of the aftermath once things had cleared up. Since it is still winter I figured I better get these pictures up. I'll be honest, however, I am ready for spring to come.
The ducks didn't mind the snow and freezing temperatures~
As pretty and fun as the snow was it eventually turned into very dangerous ice, which made my trek to work difficult. Even the kids seemed to have a hard time but found it rather entertaining. Strangely instead of being cautious on the ice they were attracted to it and purposely slipped all over it for fun. Go figure~

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