Friday, February 12, 2010

Kyoto Bus Ride

Some of the memorable and enjoyable things I experienced during my recent trip to Japan, back in November, were the bus rides. Although I was a tourist, getting on a local city bus made me feel slightly like a local. In the afternoon school kids would crowd onto the bus, all wearing those uniforms I remember seeing in anime.

One such bus ride, in Kyoto, I sat next to the window and used my time to take pictures. I was trying to capture that bus ride feel, which is feeling like being pulled around and having the cityscape as your form of entertainment. This voyeuristic feeling is intensified when you are in a foreign country. It felt like every scene was a momentary snapshot of life happening in a foreign land. One comes to visit a country to see the landmarks and relics but sometimes we forgot to recognize the rest of what is there. The following video and images posted are snapshots from the bus. Images that I feel show how life trucks on and on in any part of the world. People doing....what people do...

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