Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homeland Memory: Redwoods

Living far from home there are moments that come to me where I have a strong memory of times spent back in my country.

It is not really a feeling of homesickness but rather this odd mix of acknowledging how far I have come and the places I have been along the way.

Back when I was just starting out in college I moved north 6 hours from my hometown of Nevada City, California. I moved to Eureka California where I attended Community College. Northern California (beyond San Francisco) is known for being full of hippies and leftists. Better imprinted in my memory was the scenery, which was full of lushly dense redwood forests.

During school vacations I drove the 6 hour trip from Eureka to Nevada City in my beater of a car. Actually the first time I went up there my Dad took me. I still recall us driving through the winding steep roads with the tall redwoods hovering over us like forgotten giants. It felt as if we were making a journey through another universe, it was that captivating.

Since memories and feelings are only inside an individual's soul I feel so helpless at trying to express this. Living in a different country you really get to understand what makes your homeland so precious and valuable. It is not like Korea has nothing special to offer it is just when I reflect on the other side (my country) I can't help but long to stand amongst those tall trees and breathe the misty forest air.

I guess I am just really being sentimental. ~


  1. :-( guessing it's been a long time since you've been home? I'm glad I found your blog, you write well. The redwoods have always been a place of mystery to me - since I've been little I've always wanted to go there.

    Believe me though, as much as you reminisce now... once you go back - Korea (or anywhere else you travel) will be what you miss. At least that's how it is for me

  2. Thanks Jonathan~ True ... but the real thing is making some place your home..settling. Anyways I hope to go on a roadtrip around America before the chance passes me by.

  3. If you're getting homesick for Redwood Trees, the closest thing you can find to it in Korea is Namiseom near Chuncheon in Gangwon-do. They have a path that is lined on both sides with large sequoia trees.


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