Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rat in a Hanbok

Tomorrow I go back to work and find out whether or not I will have new coteachers. I am nervous and content all at the same time. How is that even possible? Just trying to stay optimistic and tell myself no matter what comes make the best of it.

New motto for myself: "You can't win, but you don't have to be a loser."

JH today felt under the weather and so stayed home. I made use of my time by walking to the further away grocery store, learning how to knit and making a drawing.

The drawing just happens to be a rat in a hanbok. This idea came to me when I was tired today and took a nap on my bed. Then I went online and found flickr images of rats and images of women wearing hanboks (Korean traditional dress) and combined the two. Who knows maybe this is the start of some kind of illustration series.

**Note: My intention was not to criticize Koreans or Rats. I had pet rats in high school and liked them a lot. There is also the Year of the Rat. My intention is not to devalue Korean culture. It was just an artistic aspiration to start creating animal characters who are Korean. I even thought up of making a Foreigner Rat. I hope this clears any misconceptions, but you are of course allowed to have your own feelings on this drawing.

My goal was to make the rat face look feminine but also not "Ahjumma" (mid-aged) like. Also tried hard to make sure the eyes looked soft instead of evil-ish. Just kind of a test drawing, from here I can figure out the changes I would like to make.

Ah yes, the weather is starting to warm up finally. Something positive to spin on the new semester coming up. Let's all hope it will be a great and calm semester!


  1. Well, I like the rat in the hanbok, and could recommend some sterner rats in the military garb you see at changing the guards in front of Gyeonbokgung, etc.

    However, I think in the interests of PC, I should point out that some people are doubtlessly liable to take this the wrong way!

  2. Well thought provoking artwork is also good ...:)

  3. I like it, and the new motto. btw things going better for you?

  4. What's goingt thru the rat's head? Something looks like it's going thru one ear & out the other....

    I don't think the ears look like rat's ears least not like the rats we saw at the pet store the other nite.

    Re: New motto
    Kinda self-defeatist.
    You CAN be a winner...if you believe you can or are that you are already.

    AND...thank you for the lovely thoughful gifts. The package has been SO much fun to open! Your little notes with everything are really nice.
    I still have 2 more things to open.
    Is there special significance to the item Jae sent me? 10 coins?
    What do the Korean's do w/this little things? Are they meant to be hung in any special place?
    What is the significance of Iris' for December?

  5. Mom... that thing going through the head is meant to be a traditional hair pin. I was worried it would make that impression though.
    I will think of a more positive motto. "Just have fun!"?

    The item Jae sent was found at the temple in Gyeonju. I don't really know its meaning but would guess it is meant for good luck. Just hang it somewhere ...maybe near wherever you put your purse because probably means it will help you retain your money.

    The iris in December was the flower chosen for that month by the Japanese. That is really all I know unfortunately. I am sure it has some deep poetic meaning as most of stuff in Japan does. I just thought it was pretty due to the Iris. Hang that up for good luck to. I have a similar one and hung it under my lamp. I like the way it looks there and it is kind of near my doorway so it will be good to keep away bad people.


  6. Thanx for the explanations!
    I love all the gifts in the package....I really need to thank Jae personally for his thoughtfulness...


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