Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Yuna Story

As I write this Kim Yuna (the Korean figure skater) is swarming the Korean internet with her fame.

For me I had a touch of this excitement from Korean folks at lunch today. I went out for lunch in the neighborhood near my school at a small Korean restaurant (Kim Bop NaRa). There above the diners was a TV broadcasting live the ice skating competition at the Olympics.

As customers came in I heard them all talk with excitement that Kim Yuna was coming up. Just before she took to the ice, her Japanese competitor Misuda did her performance and got a great score.

In the shop was a Mom with her kids, the shop keepers and a few Ahjusshis (older men). All of them were glued to this small TV that was hoisted up near the ceiling.

Kim Yuna took to the ice and everyone was silent. Even the shopkeeper stopped wrapping kim bop to take a look.

As Yuna made her spins and came back down on to the ice with grace and elegance everyone cheered and gave that Ahjusshi sound of approval.

At the end they all clapped with pride.

The whole thing reminded me of the summer Olympics that happened not too long ago. It is that Korean sense of nationality that is so strong and tight. This really was a special moment for me here in Korea.

Thanks Kim Yuna


  1. Hi there,

    Long time reader, first time comment etc, etc.

    Just a small point, she hasn't won the gold yet, part two where they hand out the medals is later this week

  2. Thanks I corrected it. I knew I was confused about it. hehe

  3. She won gold!
    There are 2 events in the women's figure skating, the scores get tallied to determine highest scores for the gold, silver & bronze medals.
    - - short progam
    - long / free program
    each event has required elements that get scored.


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