Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's + Seollal

The stars lined up this weekend and both Seollal (Korean New Year) and Valentine's Day landed on at the same time. This mix of a love / couple and family holiday certainly made for an interesting mingle. It is typical for most Korean folks to get together this time of year and travel to their ancestors grave. This is why Seoul becomes like a ghost town and many stores are closed, along with the highways of Korea clogged with holiday drivers.

Fortunately, for me, JH didn't have to do anything major with his family. Saturday he just helped his Mom cook the traditional foods and then he came over to my place. So we had Valentine's day together. And today (Monday) he had to go back home to pass on his car to his mother so she can go and visit her family.

Generally, this Valentine's day was a lot better than last years with my ex, who was stubborn to just come out and see me. Keep in mind Seolnal was not at the same time last year.

This time around Valentine's was more of a relaxing chill event. Saturday I had planned to visit the 2S2 event in Seoul, but found myself reluctant to get on the bus and trek up there. I am hoping to get a local one started next month.

Anyways, for Valentine's JH and I ended up going to the new Gecko's in Yongin. Gecko's is a famous bar and restaurant in Itaewon. For some reason they opened up one very close to my area at the end of the yellow line. I figured they would be open and that it would be nice to get some western food and hang out there.
There they are on the 9th floor. To get there I believe it is easiest to get off at Bojeong station then head up the main street and keep on going till the end. You need to find the fire station because this place is across from it. We took the car so I can't really say what it is like by foot...sorry.

Once up there you get a really spectacular view of the area, which is newly developed.
Inside everything is squeaky clean and new.
We ordered are meals, for me the club chicken sandwich and for JH the chicken Caesar salad.

Those are homemade potato chips. The sandwich was all right but really way too big for hand held eating. I kind of wish I ordered something else since the use of typical "American" cheese and iceberg lettuce was a disappointment. 
JH's salad was pretty good and now that I know their servings are large I might consider next time just sharing something.

We went home and watched a downloaded pirated version of Avatar over ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I am really glad I didn't spend the money on watching Avatar. It was interesting to watch but really the story was predictable and the characters ho-hum. JH really wanted to see it and so we agreed to watch it at home in this way. 

Last week I was surprised to find out that I had the whole week off before the 22nd. So here I am at home wondering what I am going to do with my new found free time. Something tells me to head out to some galleries and work on my art. Actually, this is more of a semi-holiday since I was instructed to do research at home and bring in my report on the 22nd. She wanted me to research "American games" and stuff for the 2nd graders. I already made a report of the "American games" and thankfully I have work and research already done for the 2nd graders at work. So all I will need to do is print out some things when I get back there. 

We haven't been given our new class assignments yet so it is a little hard to prepare work. However, I do see that this time could be used to research or study. In fact I have been studying Korean more and enjoying it...well I want to talk about this in another post.

I hope everyone out there had a happy Valentine's day even if you are single.

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