Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jazz Night at Mosaic Cafe

Okay I realized that my last post, although sentimental, was really kind of depressing. So I want to lighten things up a bit with this post.

Last night I went to a jazz performance at the Mosaic Cafe in Jeongja, Bundang.
The band's name was "Soul Espresso."  

Inside the cafe things were lively with the jazz band playing. Couches were set up facing the band making things feel casual. I would also like to mention the place was smoke free. The type of jazz they played was modern and contemporary, which wasn't too bad. I am more of a classic and Latin jazz person myself. Having lived in San Francisco, where jazz has a major presence, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for going to a jazz concert. 

Altogether there were seven members to this band, consisting of a guitar player, drummer, bass guitar player, keyboardist, saxophonist, percussionist (chimes, bongos...), and a singer.
The leader of the group seemed to be the saxophonist. It was fun to watch them play and do their solos now and then. They chose some familiar songs like Fly Me To The Moon, but there were a few originals in the set as well.
Overall I had a good time, and although JH was sleepy I think he enjoyed himself as well. They have a dancing lesson theme going on next month, but JH said he doesn't want to do it. I threatened him that if he doesn't come I will go by myself and dance with some really hot guy. haha!

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