Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Reviews

This month I watched a few movies that I feel are noteworthy and mentionable. I like to watch American TV dramas, too. Generally I just try to keep up with popular culture from my country. However, I have been disappointed with the last season of Lost. I wish they would just end it in one big episode and be done with it, instead they are dragging the viewer along. But I bet for some that is what Lost has been like for the past 3 years now, anyways.

Thankfully there were two movies I watched recently that were inspiring.

Cold Souls:
First let's look at the Sophie Barthes film Cold Souls, starring Paul Giamatti.
This is one of those "Independent" films that are slow and meticulous. When I first saw the trailer for this movie I became interested and so waited till it was available on iTunes. There were a few parts that were off base, but altogether it was a fun contemplative film.

Paul stars as a character who finds himself having too many dark thoughts. After reading an article in the New Yorker he becomes interested in a company that will extract your soul, thus leaving you soulless. Intertwined in this science / fantasy is a love story with a Russian woman who is a "mule" for other people's souls.

I really like Paul Giamatti's acting especially in the film Sideways and feel he did a good job at this one. Therefore I truly recommend you to watch this movie, for now check out the trailer:

 Next up we go to a movie that was very moving and serious. This film has been nominated for several Academy Awards and it does not disappoint. It tackles so many issues and delivers breathtaking performances that you may just end up shedding a tear or two during the film. 

Precious is the story of a teenage overweight girl who lives an abused life. The story takes us through as she finds her self-confidence and deals with the horrible truths of her life. It also portrays Precious' mother in a light of pity and condemnation. 

What I loved best about this film is that it challenges the viewer to accept Precious' hardships and reality.  

The following is the trailer:

If you have seen the movie or want to know more then I suggest taking a look at the following video of Jon Stewart interviewing the Director Lee Daniels. I love it when the director makes the point about Hollywood films misjudging the American audience.

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