Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent Art

As you probably well know by now I have been trying to get in the swing of creating art. One reason is to further advance my skills in watercolor painting and two is to create a body of works that could be representative.

Here for you are a few of the paintings I have produced and some of the themes I am experimenting with.
I am going to show my paintings in the order in which I have been creating them.

This piece is an image of the subway wall combined with "water drops".

I am kind of stuck on this painting and don't know whether to continue or stop. It sits in that category of painting where I am too afraid to take risks and so paint in a very cautious manner.

The next comes a series / idea that I have been working around. It comes from the influence of the tall apartment buildings that tower over the landscape here.
The farthest I have gotten is just being experimental with this idea and the paint. I have this concept of merging the Korean modern "house" (the apartment) with the typical American home. 

In the meantime I seem to feel like painting from picture references and so started something today.
 You see my hopes are to build up a portfolio or a body of work that a coffee shop would not mind putting up for display. 

I would really like to hear your critique or opinion of my work so far. I know some of the shots show the work in a dark light, but go on what your first thoughts are and let me know. 



  1. wow, what great artwork! I just discovered your blog today. Nice to meet you :)

  2. I'm cruising through different Kblogs today at work... and know nothing about painting. I'm a photographer. But it seems to me, that the beauty of watercolor is the COLOR. and you have a lot of white background going on. Why not take the risks?!? You can always start over. All of these seem like really great starts... I'm not sure if you're more minimalistic or not, but they leave me wanting more... which is a good... but I still want... more! :)

  3. Thanks Nancy.
    Lizze - good to know. I do want to put in more color and try for fuller compositions. :)

  4. Sweet! Get on it! (I know, easier said than done) I just linked you up so hopefully I'll check back more often!


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