Monday, February 28, 2011

Inside House #4

As you enter my new home you are greeted by the usual shoe-drop area. To the left of you is the bathroom and to the right is the washing machine closet (sorry no picture).
The bathroom comes equipped with old plumbing, but at least there is a bathtub (my first in Korea).
The house is split up between two rooms. In the first room is the kitchen and dining nook area. The kitchen is pretty basic with two burners, little room for food prep and a sink. Cabinetry is standard as well and as a short person a little hard to get to.
The other half, or room-number-two, is equipped with outlets for TV and internet. It comes with a single-sized bed and a wardrobe. (Extra mattress came with the place, but as it was old and dirty has since found itself outside in the cold.)

Beyond this space is the balcony area, which could use a bit of explanation for those new to Korean housing arrangements.
This is pretty much the only window to the outside that the apartment provides. There are sliding doors that partition it from the bedroom. It's hard to tell but there are two sets of sliding doors there, one is paneled with etched glass and the other with clear glass. When completely closed the natural light from the outside world is obscured, but having all panels closed helps retain heat. Once inside the balcony you are greeted with more windows, which provide a view of the apartment complex outside.

When laying on my bed and looking out from my balcony window I get to see the other buildings. I have noticed myself enjoying seeing people walk by and randomly exit their houses to shake things out. Looks like I am in for an amusing year at this place.

View from standing near the balcony and looking inward. The two rooms are partitioned off by one set of sliding glass doors with etched glass.
I know as I unpack and get some more furniture this place will continue to feel like home. :) The sliding doors of this place are what makes me feel like it is vintage. Although I do wish the slid more easily, haha.

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  1. Nice....see you can get some live Ficus bush plants (4-5' tall) & put them on the balcony & you will have some greenery to look thru to the outside!
    This place has lots of great possibilities! could cover the old mattress in a zipped around plastic mattress cover that would cover the whole thing & then put it in a cloth futon cover & put on a platform of some type to make a couch!
    Oh boy lots of ideas - Have fun!


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