Monday, February 7, 2011


Recent work where I attempt to blend a Korean street scene with an American one. This was the first one and I already know what I want to change in future renditions.

The idea comes from how I sometimes feel like my home (America) is not far from Korea, but in reality they are pretty far apart. Although you can find Koreatowns around America, I have not yet actually found a real "Americatown" in Korea. Sure Itaewon, the hub of international bars and restaurants, can sometimes feel like America. But to me there is no one place where a community of Americans have settled down in Korea and reshaped the neighborhood to look and feel like home. Instead, I can imagine what this would look like in my mind and art.


  1. About 30 by 50 inches. Not too big.

  2. I've been on-base at Yongsan, and it's weird. They have houses on wide residential streets, lawns with automatic sprinklers. It's a deliberate effort to make the service folk feel that they never left home. (At the time, I felt there was something horribly wrong about it.)

    That's probably the closest to an America-town you'll find here.

  3. Bobster. That is definitely true. Inside the army base you can find a recreation of America. It is interesting that it is highly gated and guarded.


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