Monday, February 14, 2011

Sopa Thai

My time out here with my folks is nearing it's end as I will return to Korea in less than two weeks. But I am still finding myself enjoying life in the foothills. Last night the family and I went to a local Thai restaurant called, "Sopa Thai".

The economy has affected this neck of the woods and there aren't as many restaurants around as there use to be. But Sopa Thai seems to be making it through the financial storm. They are a cozy restaurant with Thai inspired decor and a fun menu.

I ordered the tom yum soup and red curry, both of which turned out pretty good. Except I thought the red curry was a bit too sweet and not very thick. Yet, I am not an expert on Thai curry so maybe it was the right way to prepare it.

After dinner and on the way back home we passed by the Rock Shop. This is a little shack that has been in this city ever since I was a little girl. The place sells minerals, rocks and gems for your collection or for new-agey type purposes. Either way, it made for great camera eye-candy.

I liked the following little owl on a string.

I know I will miss this little corner of the world, when I go back.

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