Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haircut to Make my Mom Proud

For years now my mother has been pushing me to do something with my hair. Mostly she just wants me to try out bangs. Well, mom! I finally did it! We'll see if I keep up with the style. First I actually have to try and do them in the morning.
You'll notice what getting over the flu and having a cough looks like to the grown adult.

(Good picture Joy~) At first she had the bangs primped to come down straight, then we played around and put them on the side. I got some hairspray and going to give this a try when styling. I guess I need to get a hair straightener or use my blow dryer to get the effect. For now I can't take these things to Korea so that will have to wait.

Bonus: Winter snowed here...ta da..

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  1. Great look! Just scrunch & lift (fluff) with your finger tips when blow drying apply some mousse (or gel) especially at roots of hair at scalp! Then lightly hair spray....usually will hold this kind of style even after sleeping, just fluff (as above) & go next morning, DON"T brush out til next washing!
    xxxx ooooo


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