Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's the Year...

Poll results are in for my, "How do you say it?" question.  Around the start of January I saw a lot of TV personalities say, "Twenty-eleven" instead of "Two-thousand-and-eleven." I wondered if this was a new catch phrase or from now on we are going to say the year in the style of "Twenty-eleven."

So I asked you guys and a whopping thirty-six responded. Thank you!

The verdict is that most of you say, "Twenty-eleven." I suppose it is good to know that only 2 of my readers think the world is going to end.



  1. Was it nineteen ninety-nine or one thousand nine hundred and nintey-nine? The U.S. is a nation of lazy people who like to do things quickly and easily when at all possible and, really, it's only a return to the recent past...the nineteen hundreds.

  2. I kind of thought it was a clever way to say the year. But I suppose we are pretty lazy even in speech.


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