Monday, February 21, 2011


Before I fell sick with the flu I spent some time with my father at the Yuba river. There are actually several forks of the Yuba. We went to south fork to an area called "Bridgeport", this is because of the covered bridge there. It was a bright, crisp and clear day which made it great for a photography hike. My father has a DSLR and so we went out hunting for great shots.

Trail signs...

I played around with the black-and-white settings.
Then found a subject to do close-ups.
I wasn't sure where we were heading, but I just followed my dad up and down the trail.

 Getting further from the bridge...

 We both enjoyed the clearness and jeweled beauty of the water.

We came to a point where the South Yuba flows in to the North Yuba. You would think that as two rivers meet they would clash with each other, instead what you had was a very peaceful scenery. We kind of got there before more people showed up and so did enjoy a quiet moment.

I thought the following old tree looked like a bone.
In the summertime this place is pretty popular for swimming. There was a picnic area just around the bend.

An outhouse. ;)

Just up the river is a dam called "Englebright" and it helps create a lake for fishing and more water recreation. 

I have some video from this hike that I will have to post at some point. We took a little rest and then made our way back to the bridge. Here you can see a map that might give you an idea of the area.

Nearby the parking lot was a bit of an historical area, which featured amongst several structures an old barn.
I'm very happy I got out there and did this with my father, as it will become a treasured memory when I'm feeling homesick back in Korea.


  1. Some really nice shots.
    The black & white was v. refreshing.
    Isn't your new camera a DSLR also?

  2. You are so fortunate to live in a rural part of California. I would give anything to trade places but economically it is not possible for me. Man, all the pristine clear cold water must hold some big trouts. I can't be more jeolous.

  3. David I'm moving far from here soon. Going back to Korea. Yes it has been blessing living here and visiting. From what I know there are a lot of fishing enthusiasts. There were a few boats out there when we were there. I never really got into fishing. Mostly caught the boat. ;)

  4. I know you will be leaving for Korea soon. I have been following your blog for some time now. Have a nice time in Korea and maybe with your new camera you can upload pictures of rural Korea and her mountains and streams. I believe I have not seen that on your blog yet.

  5. Hi David,
    Yes i remembered that after I commented...oooopppss...haha

    Well I have been to a few rural places like Munkyeong and Anmyeondo. I try to get out there:)

  6. Love your blog! And the sparkling river.


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