Saturday, February 19, 2011

Powerless and Dry

Today we had a power outage here, which lasted a good chunk of the day. It left us building a fire in the fireplace and staring at the wall. Although, I kind of enjoyed that bit of nothingness and the lack of electrical buzz around me.

My condition has improved as I no longer have headaches and fevers. But I developed a cough, which I hope doesn't develop into a monster one.

Since the events of the day ate up my energetic time to pack I will have to get on that tomorrow. I already know I am over my maximum, but I have my plan. This is to pack my suitcases and take an extra small box with me. The airline I am taking, Singapore, allows for any excessive amount of luggage to cost $110. I already did a comparison of what it would cost to mail my extra stuff and the price of the airline fee turns out to be a lot better.

The fire in the living room today was toasty and dry and I hope this was helpful towards my condition. I am already starting to crack out of my vacation haze and understand that soon enough I will be in a room full of giddy children. I am also finding myself in a funny state where I miss JH, but then know I am going to miss it here and my parents. However, I am so grateful for both and all their love. :)

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