Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Hours of My Vacation

It's finally here! The night before I go back to work, and it sure feels like it has been a while. I woke up early today to help my body adjust back to a working schedule.

Today I moved in all of my boxes that were stored at my boyfriend's friend's house. To say thank you we treated him and his wife to VIPS (a family style steakhouse restaurant). His wife is pregnant and hopes that I will become her baby's English tutor. Instead of thinking that she is taking advantage of me I see it as an opportunity to make a Korean friend. Plus I think I can get some language exchange in there somewhere.

I still lack furniture but have found some items via Facebook Marketplace, so will probably have some of it squared away by this weekend. For now most of my books and what-not are still in boxes.

Yesterday, I received a long text message from the English department coordinator telling all the teachers where to meet for our first day back. Also he hinted at dressing neatly, since we will be greeting the student body and likely the other staff members. Thankfully I have formal wear taken care of, as I spent a lot of time on my vacation making sure to come back with proper clothing for this job. We don't have to dress formal all the time, but a neat dress code is applied.

The next few days, I imagine, are going to be a whirlwind of level testing, introducing myself to the students and learning the math program for the semester. But most of all I am really nervous for that first moment I will have alone with a group of first graders. I keep worrying I am going to be like a deer-in-headlights and freeze. Their cute little eyes staring back at me, and all I can do is shake in fear. Well, hopefully my imagination has run wild here and it won't be that bad. haha

I already have a few things I plan to take care of for the first week such as; introducing myself, playing ice-breaker games and laying down the law. As for class management I am not too sure how detailed I can get in my rules and rewards since the kids visit other teachers and will likely encounter their set of rules. I don't want to end up confusing and bewildering them.

Tonight I am going to try and relax by watching some American shows via Hulu. Goodbye long vacation!


  1. you can watch hulu? i thought it was blocked for us in korea. do share how you go about doing that please.

    and good luck tomorrow, i'm sure you'll be fine. fighting!

  2. I like the new banner! Good luck in the new job tomorrow!

  3. I don't like the new banner....SORRY!
    In my opinion...It doesn't express your Joyfulness & enthusiasm for your life in Korea as the Foreign/er at all!

    WORK CLOTHES: just think of it as "professional dress"....not formal! You can be professionally attired in a creative, attractive, non-rigid, non-boring manner! Consider style, color, fit, etc...
    Have fun!
    Can't wait to see pics of all those smilin' lil ones! They'll love Msssy Joy!

  4. Mom as I continue on into 2011 here in Korea I will take more pics to make into my masthead. For now I thought that one worked best.

  5. HULU:
    I watch hulu by masking IP address using a VPN (Virtual private network)

    It doesn't cost much.

    I go here:

    I think I wrote a post on it before but would make for a new one. :)

  6. so....is that stuff in the masthead yours? on your balcony? in the hall? closet?
    or a random shot "somewhere" in your new neighborhood?
    Maybe an explanation of above would help me understand.....
    Still don't like it!

  7. It was taken in front of JH's house. I like it because it captures the kind of real-life Korea.

  8. ...ok Thanks, I get it now.....


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