Monday, February 28, 2011


Yesterday I moved in to my new place, which I am in right now. Oddly enough there is still internet connected in here. Not sure how long that will last, but of course I am enjoying it. However, I did leave my laptop charger at JH's house so can only work on it for so long.

I hope to put up pictures and a video of house #4. This place has character since the building is 20 years old. I already knew the building was old before I moved in, but I was hoping that my place would have been renovated. Besides new wallpaper the place probably looks the same as it did way back when. The set up is pretty good with two major rooms, a small bathroom and a little room for laundry. I even have a "balcony" area as is common for Korean apartments.

Unfortunately, the place wasn't super cleaned and there are large amounts of dusty areas that I have been cleaning. Even though I miss living in a newer building with snazzy equipment I kind of like the vintage feel. Or I am just telling myself positive things so I don't freak out. But really I lived in hell (house #2) so this place is just fine.

I go back to work Wednesday and tomorrow will get my boxes of stuff. My new place didn't come with several things including a microwave, TV, desk and shelves. Either the school will cough these things up or I'm going to have to invest in it. Already JH is helping me find used stuff to buy.

Guess I am just trying to keep busy since I am starting to get really nervous for my new job. But I'm also really tired! Jetlag is biting my butt. sigh

Ok ... will update again with pics.

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  1. No mention of kitchen, appliances, view from window(s)?, etc...What floor you're on? etc....Furnishings: bed, couch,??
    Looking fwd to fotos soon!


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