Wednesday, February 16, 2011

EFL Classroom in Korea: 4th Grade Open Class

Last year, at (name goes here) public elementary school in Suji, South Korea I had several open classes. Sometimes you give them for your school's teachers, other times it's for the principals and then there is the one that is for other native teachers. The GEPIK program requires you to do these open classes, but doesn't really tell you how. Turns out I have a video of the one for the native teachers and I have finally gotten around to editing it.

If you are curious about what an open class looks like in an EFL classroom in South Korea, then this might be helpful to you. But be aware! What you are about to see was rehearsed with the students and the activities weren't what we normally did day-to-day. Although, the open class wasn't "real" you can still get ideas for class management and group activities.

You have two options, you can watch the shorter or the longer version. I am posting the shorter one first.

The longer video is a fun 25 minutes long, and I won't be offended if you zipped through some parts.

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