Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Take on Korean Drama

Recently I had a surprise comment on one of posts that I wrote about last year on Korean drama. The reader Elizabeth commented by saying:

As a person living in America I really want to say,
I HATE American dramas or shows.
Grey's Anatomy? barf. LOST? blah.
of course there are some good ones and some I can stand but most . . I canNOT stand after a few episodes.

and about korean dramas being more in the soap opera category, what about Gossip Girl or the OC?
those so unbelievably popular dramas are more soapoperaish than any korean drama I've seen.

what I mean to say is that I think the "soap opera"ish theme is pretty universal, also your formula is definitely a reoccurring very constant theme in American shows. It's not just for korean shows.
Now that I have lived here a while and watched Korean dramas both on the TV (without subtitles) and off (on my computer with subtitles) I can say that my earlier perceptions were a bit naive. It is of course rude of me to shove my concept of what makes good entertainment onto the Korean media. And I can agree that the kind of formula I presented for Korean dramas is something that is not specific to Korean entertainment.

Elizabeth continued to give me the suggestion that I do some more research before watching the dramas. Basically that there are some dramas out there with quality acting and story. To which I would truly agree upon. She suggested...

there is actually a pretty different korean drama that I'm obsessing over currently called The Story of a Man, the acting, directing, style, & esp the plot is very tight knit and impressive
I really Really really REALLLLLLLLY suggest to you dramabeans.com.
she has a thorough and very informative info for MANY dramas, i think maybe u should search around a little.
I actually learned of The Story of a Man there.
I know of the website dramabeans but haven't really gotten into it that much. I enjoyed paying attention to Boys Before Flowers when it was a hit with my students, but to be honest I stopped watching it after a few episodes due to that it moved to slowly for me. I guess I am not really interested in shows like the OC or Gossip Girls, and that is why I gave such an unflattering formula towards Korean dramas.

I am the kind of person who likes Lost and comedy shows such as The Office.

But I still enjoy watching Korean drama and Korean comedy shows. That is why for you readers I am going to try to write up some posts on the Korean drama and other Korean TV shows that I enjoy watching. Mostly because I think it is important to not ignore the pop and regular culture undercurrents that stream through Korean daily life.

Anyways, what is your take on Korean drama? Do you stay away? Have your favorites? Not a clue? haha

*But if that isn't enough talk about Kdramas then check out this video where someone else has something to say:


  1. Hehe I love the Korean and Japanese Dramas. I'm a sucker for a lot of the cliches(although I'd say the Japanese go more overboard with predictability...).

    That Youtube guy was off though, these days it's all about the "love triangle" or "love rectangle"...or even "love pentagon"...;)

    P.S.I do the odd drama review on my site too

  2. I love Korean dramas! I'm part of a Korean language and culture club and on last month topic; I did a presentation on Korea dramas and showed some scenes of dramas! Korean dramas are what made me fall in love with Korea. I'm not saying that I believe that I'll meet Daniel Henney in the streets of Seoul, cause I'm not that naive. I have stopped watching American shows! So post away Joy!

  3. i agree the kid in the video doesn't hit home with Korean dramas.

    Darn those love pentagons!


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