Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chris's Questionairre

Chris from Chris in South Korea put up a questionnaire for everyone. I thought I take the quiz myself via a post here on my blog. And I am going to answer without looking up the answers, too.

1. There are several franchises of convenience stores quite popular and visible around Korea. Name three of them that don't have a number in the names.
Buy The Way
Family Mart

2. Seoul has several wonderful palaces, dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. Name two of them.
Goyongbacksong (sp?)
Uhhhh another one close by...ooops

3. The KTX is the fastest train in Korea, but could use some work on the seats. As of today, how much does it cost to ride the KTX from Seoul to Busan on the weekend? (Consider your answer correct if it's 3,000 over or under)
35,000 Won...?

4. The Seoul subway system is the most extensive in Korea, and one of the largest and longest in the world. What is the most expensive paper ticket you can buy for the longest trip on the subway system (not including the AREX train)? Bonus points: how long will that trip take? (Consider your answer correct if you're 300 won over or under, and plus or minus 5 minutes)

I don't know.

5. Name three K-pop bands or singers with English names.
Rain, Crown J, T.O.P. (does that count?)

6. Hangeul (or hangul) is considered one of Korea's greatest inventions, whether or not it was invented by King Sejong or someone else. How many consonants are there? (No peeking at your keyboard! Be sure to include the double consonants too.)

Don't know.

7. What is Dongdaemun famous for?
I want to say the fashion district consisting of Doota but it also has one of those gates and I am sure is famous for something else...something to do with Korean / Japanese relations.

8. Who or what is a Haptic?
Cell phone company or new cell phone marketing scheme.

9. The Korean political system is a mess - but can you name the two major Korean political parties? (Bonus points if you name more than two!)
Democratic and .... uhhh nope.

10. There's been some talk about bringing Korean food to the tables of people worldwide. What is the Korean term for Korean food?
What? I don't know...

11. Who or what is a Ghana?
It is a country in Africa... but for Korea it is a brand of chocolate.

12. The Seoul subway system is always growing, and the newer subway maps show the planned lines as well as the current ones. Including the currently planned subway lines and/or extensions, name one of two subway stations that will eventually be a hub to four different lines?
Jesus! I don't know.

13. What's so special about orange taxis and red buses? (One point each)
Orange taxis are uh orange. Red buses are uh red. But I think the red buses go longer distances than the normal ones.

14. Name three Korean banks. (Banks headquartered in other countries don't count!)
Kookmin Bank, Honhyup, Hana

15. Name three of Korea's provinces OTHER than Gyeonggi-do.
Jeollando, blah blah blah

Looks like I have a lot of more paying attention to do...ah well.


  1. Joy,
    Not bad :) I tried to span the range from 'gimme' (#7) to virtually impossible (#12). I don't want to spoil your fun by giving you all the answers, but if you'd like to look them up, check out

  2. GS25 has a number in it silly~

  3. Clearly you are a foreigner who does not understand Korean culture. ;)

  4. Hangul has 4 consonants ;) h-n-g-l...and .. GS25? really?

  5. Why would anyone who has been in Korea very long know anything about paper tickets on the subway..

    It's all about the T-money

    And they phased paper tickets out, anwyay..

    test ... fails! ;-)

  6. @Charles: quite a few people still use the tickets. The machines that once sold tickets are gone, but you can still get them at the counter, and the government's website still lists their prices.

    @Kelsey: I'd love to know your score? The highest I've heard of thus far is about 9 (without cheating / looking something up).

  7. @Chris: My answers are here:

  8. Chris, Chris, Chris,

    No amount of detail backing and filling will cover the fact that only the noobiest of the noobians would use a ticket on the subway, even when tickets were still supported.

    And, heck, you can still find "Dynamic Korea" on the Government website. These things say more about the websites than anything else. ;-)

    That question just seemed an odd one - more aimed at picking out someone who just landed, than someone who's been here a bit..

    I do like the other ones, though.

    And Joy, I resent the fact that I am typing this sans shirt and your word verification says "flabl"!

    That'll drive us fat people away.



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