Monday, June 1, 2009

Myeongdong Shoe Shopping

Before I get to the rest of this post I first want to just show the local memorial that was held here in Sanbon. On Thursday they had a celebration or remembering of sorts with music. Also there were boards set up so people can leave a message on a yellow post-it. The mood was somber of course and many people were gathered around the performance.

The weather is warming up and that means that it is time to put on t-shirts and shorts. What I noticed this season was that I need a new pair of summer shoes. To be honest I hate shopping, due to that I have such a hard time making up my mind. But I really need to find some new shoes before last years start to fall apart. So I headed to Myeongdong to do some shoe shopping. I tried to get there early enough so that I would beat the crowds.

There were lots of options for shoes there seeing how there are two ABC Marts (hip shoe store) and a department store nearby. But I am sorry to say folks, I walked away with no new shoes. I am not a high heel wearing gal, so I like comfortable but pretty walking shoes. This kind of taste usually means that the shoes I like are really expensive for my budget. However I saw some pairs that were reasonable priced that I liked.

Oh, Myeongdong I have such a history with you due to my ex. I tried to forget those memories as I walked the streets with JH. The place got crowded quickly around 2pm and I soon couldn't figure anything out. But we enjoyed the rest of our time there by catching a movie and having lunch.

Myeongdong is near the Namsan tower so walking around you can catch a glimpse of it in the distance.

Lunch: A "Cajun" chicken sandwich. It was all right, but I felt it was a bit overpriced since they used that sliced factory cheese.

Hopefully I can get back out and find a new pair of summer shoes. If not I guess I could try online shopping.

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