Monday, June 29, 2009

Seoul Land

Saturday was hot, but for some reason JH and I went to Seoul Land. Since I just got my International Drivers license in the mail he let me drive from Gangnam to Seoul Land. I have been getting use to driving here in Korea more often, but I will save those details for another post.

Parking at Seoul Land was interesting, due to that it seemed they just painted the parking stalls with fresh "women only" symbols. It's part of this new campaign to make Korea safe for women. Within the expat opinion circle we think it is kind of silly. It sure was a site at the parking land to see nearly every space meant for women. I guess it is one step closer to a safer world.
Do you see that? Not a cloud in the sky.

Get on the elephant train and you are ready to go.


Get off and buy some tickets.

Enter and get the wristband.

Hmm this looks familiar like it is from Epcot Center or something?



Here's the story: We rode two rides. This one (the water flume ride) and a pirate ship that rocked back and forth. After the pirate ship I was sick and dizzy. I tried to get better but it didn't really work. I think it was a combination of the heat plus head spinning dizziness that did me in. We went home and left the rest for some other time.

I think I would like to go back to Seoul Land only on a cool day or in the evening. Also nearby is a zoo, I think that would have been nice too. I use to be a roller coaster rider when I was a kid, I guess those days are gone now.


  1. The zoo is worth a visit if only for the baby animal section. They have the cutest little lions there at the moment!

  2. Looks like a Disney clone park!
    and...reminder, in English it's "used to be" (Past tense).


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