Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KDrama: Romance Zero (하자 전담반 제로)

I don't know if you can remember everything I write, but do you recall that love formula post I came up with? You know the one where I compared America's love formula towards Korea's. It was a great post I think that revealed what people think on the topic. Today I feel my formulas still weren't the most accurate representation of love match making in different cultures.

So sometimes when you can't find the answers in your head you can go to other sources. As for me I found the Korean Drama Romance Zero. I use a lot to determine which Korean drama to watch. I particularly use their drama rankings section to check out which ones are worth watching based upon popularity. That is kind of how I stumbled upon this drama. You can also check out the Korean homepage of the show here.

I haven't watched all the episodes yet, but I am still interested.

Why it is interesting:
  • Comedic
  • Cute men and women
  • Topic of the popular matchmaking service. Thought I could watch it and maybe learn something about matchmaking in Korea. But I don't know if it is working out this way.
  • The main character is male, which provides a refreshing change of things.
A super cutey in my book! source

Basically you have the main character played by Tae Sung who finds himself and his career in a whole lot of trouble. Why?

He is in the matchmaking business and works at a very fancy company. The beginning of the story goes that he is at a wedding watching one of his match making couples get married. Only to witness that the groom is indeed Gay, causing a huge scandal. Who is to blame? The matchmaker. So the next day he gets transferred to a different department at the company.

Basically he becomes the team leader of the matchmaking group called "Romance Zero". This is a team that helps candidates who are basically too poor to be matched under normal circumstances.

Grading system for potential candidates:
What I think has been the most fun watching the show is seeing the graphic that comes up when the introduce a candidate. It totally sums up my feelings about match making in Korea, which is a person's worth is based upon a certain set of criteria that is either good or bad. Since this drama is fiction and is sensationalizing real life I can't really say that my theories are correct. But it certainly is humerus to see it come to life on screen.
Age: A
Appearance: A (Don't mean to be arrogant)
Achievement: B (Haven't exactly become the CEO of a company, yet)
Career: B (Still not boss yet.)
Family: B (Latch-key kid)

Oh but maybe I am being too kind on myself? haha

Rest of the Story:
As for the rest of what I have watched the characters get to help out some candidates that seem hopeless. Of course, though there is a sub-plot going on where a rival at the company wants to see the main character fired. And since the matchmaking people themselves are single it would seem that in future episodes the characters end up finding love.

It isn't the best drama out there, I admit. But it's still fun to watch and learn about the Korean dating scene.

I recommend watching it as a short time killer with potential to grow on you.


  1. cool find. is this show subtitled?

  2. Not the best drama ever but it is good. I too think Kang-in is a total cutie :).

  3. Yes it is subtitled over at


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