Monday, June 15, 2009

Haircut + Hangang Park + New Shoes

Summer is starting to warm up and that means time for summer shoes and summer haircuts. I got my haircut back in March (I think) and so things were starting to grow out. Plus I have to tell you that I really wasn't satisfied with my cut last time. Why? Well she rushed through the job and didn't really give me the amount of layers I wanted.

Within the last few weeks I was wondering where would I go to get a haircut. I heard of the Green Turtle in Iteawon, but after checking it out on Saturday I ended up losing interest. It looked kind of dingy and frazzled. Plus we showed up with out an appointment so we would have had to come back much later.

I then remembered that Eunha BNC has more than one salon. All this time I have been going to the one in Ewha. But they have a new one in Chungdam in Gangam.

Recent Haircut:

This second branch of Eunha BNC is located along the same huge street that has that over sized Gorilla climbing a building. So look for it there.

Ladies (and perhaps Gentlemen) I highly recommend going to this place. It is way better than the one in Ewha. Why? They didn't seem rushed (at least on the day I went...Sunday). I saw the hairdresser Na O Mi (Naomi). Who was such a sweetheart! She spoke English very well. But not just that she seemed genuinely interested in helping me get my haircut. First she showed me a book with pictures of western women in it with hairstyles. I told her about what I wanted (more layers in the back and a round shape). She examined my hair and my head and came up with a conclusion.

It was off to the hair washing. For 40,000 Won I couldn't have spent my money any better! The hair washing chair had a back massage inside it. So while I go my hair cleaned up I had a mini back massage at the same time. Talk about service!

Ok as for the haircut experience, the poor gal was nervous. But I tried to let her know it is ok. In the end she did a great job. One little thing is though at the end she put my hair up in curlers and styled it that way. I didn't protest because what the heck, it isn't everyday the gal gets to play with naturally curly hair.

So readers if you are living in the Seoul region and have curly or truly western style hair... I definitely recommend the Eunha Salon in Chungdam. If nothing else just go for the hair washing massage.
Lunch at Market O:
It's amazing how hungry one can get sitting and getting their haircut. I saw the Benningan's Market O place down the street and suggested we eat there. However, it tasted really great but I have to tell you folks it was a bit expensive. If you got a hot date or want to impress someone then count this place as top on your list. But for casual

Yum~ Market O cracker

Lemonade and Mango Cranberry Juices

JH ordered the curry dish

I had the "California" Sushi Roll. It was delightful~

Hangang River Park: Banpo Bridge Area
Leaving Market O we really didn't have much of a plan, so we decided to head over to the Hangang river park for some Rest and Relaxation.

The weather was cloudy and hazy with a bit of wind. So it wasn't too bad for a day in the park. Arriving you can tell the place has been upgraded. The landscaping was fresh where you could tell the grass was just trying to grow in some patches. And it just basically had that new shininess to it.

Every time I go to a large park I see kids and parents flying kites. I have always wanted to join in and so I asked JH if we could fly a kite. At the local little mart they sell kids toys alongside the drinks and ramyeon. So we bought a kite and had some good old fashioned kite flying fun.

Master skills~

Oh by the way on Saturday while we were in Itaewon I finally found a pair of shoes that agreed with me. These are Tevas that I bought at the Athlete's Foot. They aren't the prettiest shoes on the block but they met the mark in so many ways. I also picked up a pair of Teva standard sandals for variation. Ok enough about shoes!

If you look closely you can see the bicyclist has attached an umbrella over his basket where he keeps his little dog. I tried to take a picture in time...but just caught this angle.
Banpo Bridge: World's Longest Bridge Fountain:
Did you know Seoul has the longest bridge fountain in the world? Well now you know and should go and check it out.

The fountain runs 570 meters on each side of Banpo Bridge. A total of 380 nozzles spout 190 tons of water per minute some 20 meters out from the bridge and into the Han River, using the water from the river below.
It was fun to watch, while at the same time music was played over loud speakers. It is a grand site to see at night, which we didn't catch. So hopefully we will get to that later on.
The weather was starting to turn and become unpredictable so we had one last go at kite flying. Meanwhile the sky was playing tricks with breaks of sunlight in the clouds, making for a magnificent scene. It was a pleasurable and relaxing day with fun mixed in, what better way to spend a Sunday?


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new shoes!!

  2. Sounds like a really nice weekend!

  3. We usually go to Jamwon river park (between Banpo and Hanam) on the weekends for grilling, sports, cards and beer.

    I love summers in Seoul.

  4. Nice haircut!

    Are you allowed to wear sandals to work?

  5. At work you don't wear your outside shoes and change shoes when you get there. Everyone wears sandals, and I do too. The kids wear indoor kid shoes.

  6. what r indoor shoes?


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