Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Year in Korea: A Video

Finally I found a website to host my video without it being rejected. Anyways I promised a video montage of 1 year here in Korea. Here it is!! Including an interview.


By the way the interview was shot inside my friend's house...not mine.


  1. Great video! Did you make this on your Mac?

    The greatest thing about having a Mac, for me, is that it's given me more of an opportunity to find the creative teccy within. I love making videos and even making the music to go alone with them. Maybe I should actually post them sometime instead of just letting them rot away on my hard drive.

  2. awe! I Loved that! It just makes me even more anxious to be in Korea right now!!! I can't wait to meet up with you!! (i finally got in contact with a school...unfortunately i still have to wait for my diploma but it should be here early next week *fingers crossed*)

  3. thanx for the advice! i definitely wont have any problem with the shirts! i like to stay covered up! hehe! and i only got most of the stuff where it was just a few to get me going so i can find alternatives when i get


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