Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer is Heating Up

We don't turn on the air conditioner in my classroom. Thankfully we have 7 fans that circulate above every one's head.

But today it didn't seem like it was getting the job done. I didn't even bother to think or ask my coteacher if we could turn the AC on, considering I know what a hard-ass the Principal is on these matters.

So I trucked through it with my advanced class.

However it was hard not to sweat and get hot inside the room. What made things a bit worse was that I was starting to stress out a bit with everything that is building up lately.

You see we are approaching the end of the semester with the summer vacation on the horizon. This means for my coteacher a lot of extra work is put in her hands for testing and what-not. So she is a bit busier and frantic these days.

For me it means I have some obligations coming my way.
  • My school's summer camp.
  • The city's Mountain summer camp.
  • A fun filled 5 days with the advanced class spending 4 hrs each day with them. (I am being sarcastic, for being with these kids straight for just 3 hrs is killer. But supposedly it is my duty during the summer vacation. I don't get paid extra as it counts towards my normal working hours.)
Let's examine those deadlines in more detail:

School's summer camp:
Held for 5 days with grades 3,4,5 & 6. I requested that we split it up where 3 & 4 meet 2.5 days and 5 & 6 meet the rest of the week. She seemed fine with this. But I am still not clear if this is the final deal and how many hours each class will be.

I have to make the plan for the summer camp by the end of the month for it to be approved by the Vice-Principal.

It's not that hard to plan for this, just got to search around for some fun summer things. My coteacher requested I do a lot of speaking activities and games. Since I have planned already a lot for my advanced class I can fill in some things using recycled material.

The backlash is that planning for this cuts into my normal planning time for everything else I plan for. But it is part of the job, right?

The city's Mountain camp:
No biggie! The lesson's are planned for me when I get there I just got to add my pizazz to it. Also I am thinking of what to bring to 1.) make my life comfortable there and 2.) make teaching the kids a bit easier (stickers...candy).

5 days with the Advanced kids:
This is what I am not looking forward to, but will truck through anyways.

Summer vacation lasts a long time for these kids and I am only contracted to have 2 weeks off during this time. So with 2 weeks already going to be spent at the summer camps and 2 weeks spent on my vacation, that left me with 1 week of the unknown.

Today my coteacher told me what I would be doing during that time and it is teaching the advanced kids for 4 hours a day for 5 days.

This will come after my vacation.

Now I have sheepishly already made my flight plans. My return date actually gets me back Monday August 17...a work day. I wanted to be in America with family for as long as selfishly possible. So I told her why don't we start it on Wednesday, saying "I get back late Sunday night and I think I need some rest time." She basically said that is fine as long as I am fine with losing 2 days worth of salary. I said "Sure!". Like I really want to jump back into work after flying for 12 hours and coming from America. Besides who knows if I will be quarantined after I get back?

Anyways, the real problem comes with planning. What will I do with these guys? I have them on a schedule based upon the units in their book. I don't want to get them ahead because I haven't even finished planning into the After-Summer term.

So I am hoping to get them behind in their work...haha.

They have this play thing they have to practice and perform, so I am going to lay aside their normal curriculum so that they can do this work. It helps me have stuff saved up for the long hours later in the summer.

Well there you have it folks. It is like at the end of semester in college. You are cramming to get all your projects ready and studying for finals. Except, I am getting paid for all this work.

What's up with my contract?
I managed to squeeze in the question of my contract today. Asking when abouts do they think they will start to review it. Turns out my coteacher and I are not on the same wavelength.

She said after summer vacation, which is two months before the end of my contract.

However, I think it should be done three months before the end of my contract, making the review to be next month.

I told her this and she was surprised and so said she will consult someone about it.

If it is to be after summer vacation then so be it. In my mind the contract decision time is inevitable so I am trying to be as patient as I can.

But you can bet on this! I am definitely counting down the months till I can get out of my office-tell hell~! As you know.

All right I guess this was a huge-ass update. Gives you a slice of Foreign English Teacher Life.

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  1. I had been in Korea for 3 weeks when this hit me last year, and it was a crazy introduction to teaching in Korea, let me tell you. You'll get through it though!

    By the way, I like the new header a lot!


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